Sports Events FAQ

Got a question about holding your event in Toronto? Browse these Frequently Asked Questions for answers. Or, call a Sports Account Director at 1-800-499-2514 or email for answers.

Q: Does Tourism Toronto help local clubs with bids for provincial and national championships?

A: There are a number of areas that Tourism Toronto can assist with. These include but are not limited to Sports Venue/Facility and Accommodation Site Selection. Additionally, Tourism Toronto will work closely with our partners and stakeholders on other aspects of the bid.

Q: Can Tourism Toronto help research accommodations for our tournament?

A: Tourism Toronto will go out to our accommodation members in the Greater Toronto Region to find affordable options in close proximity to your venue/facility.

Q: What geographic area does Tourism Toronto cover?

A: Tourism Toronto is a member-driven association with members across the Greater Toronto Region. Because of our scope of membership, our geographic coverage includes Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

Q: How much does it cost for Tourism Toronto’s services?

A: All of Tourism Toronto’s services are complimentary when booking accommodations through Tourism Toronto. Part of our success is measured by bringing overnight stays (room nights) to our accommodation members in the Greater Toronto Region.

Q: Our tournament needs to find a transportation company to help transport our participants; can Tourism Toronto help?

A: Tourism Toronto can provide a full listing of member transportation companies that can provide you with a cost estimate.

Q: Can Tourism Toronto supply information on the destination for our participants?

A: When booking through Tourism Toronto your group would be supplied with maps, visitor guides, and coupons via our Attendance Building Toolkit. All of these are provided at no charge to the group.

Q: Can Tourism Toronto help with increasing our participants for our event?

A: No matter the size, we want your Toronto event to be a smashing success. Use our Attendance Marketing Toolkit to show your delegates why Toronto is the ideal host, and inspire them to get the most out of their visit.

Q: Does Tourism Toronto have any funding for my group?

A: Tourism Toronto has funding which can be applied for via your Tourism Toronto Account Director. Groups may qualify based on the total number of room nights, and other key criteria. Please contact our Sport Account Directors to find out more details and if your event qualifies.

Q: Who should I call to help me with my tournament or championships?

A: Call our Sports Account Director at 1-800-499-2514 or email

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