iStock_000017121206_XXXLarge.jpgWhy is Canada’s Downtown the perfect destination to host a meeting or event that people will remember? Here are just a few reasons.


From pop-up shops to conventions centres, food trucks to ballrooms, there is no end to the unique facilities and venues available for your event or meeting. Always growing and developing, new buildings are rising up across the city. Each offers new restaurants and event space. It also means that the city feels new and exciting every time you visit. Ensuring guests stay connected while in town is key to a successful meeting. At the Waterfront Innovation Centre, the waterfront-wide, ultra-high-speed broadband fibre-optic network delivers Toronto’s fastest high-speed Internet service, built and operated by Beanfield Metroconnect.


Toronto attracts some of the best and brightest talents from across the country and the world, bringing with them innovative ideas, bold designs, and cutting-edge technology. When you host your event in Toronto, you get all the creative minds across the city working for you. Event planners, ad agencies, destination management companies and culinary experts all conspire to bring your event to vibrant life.


Canada is known for its warmth and friendliness. Holding open doors, giving up seats on public transit, and helping those in need are all just normal parts of everyday life here. But Toronto itself has its own unique brand of hospitality. As a city comprised of colourful, diverse neighbourhoods, Toronto has the added value of offering a unique welcome from people from all over the world. Walking around any area from Korea Town to Little Italy to Leslieville, it doesn’t take long to discover places you’ll love, run by friendly locals who will be happy to greet you.