Destination Toronto clients share their recent experiences hosting important meetings in Canada’s Downtown.

What made it easy to put a meeting here was really the support that we received from Destination Toronto… so we could provide a really great event to our attendees.

Gregory J. Fine, FASAE, CAE, Turnaround Management Association

The reason I brought the IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology to Toronto, is it’s the hub of the industry for Canada; it’s the showcase of Canada’s leading industries in the areas of electric transportation, micro grids, smart grids and renewable energy systems, [and] to showcase that to a worldwide audience. It was also successful, because it’s the city of Toronto and people actually collaborated with several academic units and research institutes housed right here the city. The city is great, the conference venues are great. You can’t ask for much more, really.

-Dr. Sheldon Williamson, IEEE 18th International Conference on Industrial Technology.

A few of us from the downtown hospitals ran tours of our transfusion labs, research centres. At St. Michael’s, we hosted folks from Taiwan and Japan. Toronto General Hospital hosted representatives from Uganda. This was very much appreciated. Beyond the congress, we had an epic party at Polson Pier. I had a lot of positive feedback. . . Again, diversity and variety were the most common themes. People felt safe, accepted, welcomed.

Dr. Katerina Pavenski, Head of Transfusion Medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital and local Chair for the 35th International Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion, June 2-6, 2018.

It was a pleasure and a privilege to organize Sibos 2017 in such a dynamic host city as Toronto, and to participate in the celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary. The Canucks’ fusion of technology-driven innovation and their respect for the achievements of past generations found an echo in the discussions and panel sessions held around the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Sven Bossu, head of Sibos, SWIFT’s global financial services networking event that brought 8,000 to Toronto for the second time.

Collision is riding the wave of Toronto,” Web Summit CEO Paddy Cosgrave told VentureBeat. “Toronto is here already. It’s arrived. If Collision never came here, would it make much of a dent? I’d argue, possibly not. If anything does come of it, that’s a great incidental benefit. But Toronto had already arrived before we came here. I just don’t think a lot of people elsewhere in the world had seen it with their own eyes. That’s my view. We’re riding the wave. Collision is not going to make the wave bigger. If it shines a spotlight on Toronto, OK, great.


Destination Toronto was a vital part of our winning bid for the World Masters Athletics Championships in Toronto in 2020. The expertise, energy and guidance that they provided was critical in the development of our presentation, and their insights saved us time, kept us on track, and instilled professionalism in our entire organization. Their financial and material support …has helped us focus on hosting a wonderful, world-class event.

John Craig

At the very moment when some countries around the world seem to be shutting their borders, when intolerance is on the rise, Toronto stands for diversity and inclusion.

Paddy Cosgrave

When you’re eating out in a city as diverse as Toronto, a whole world of flavours is always within walking distance. From hole-in-the-wall joints with no phone to luxurious tasting menus, Toronto is a food lover’s dream city.

- Introduction to Bon Appétit’s official guide to Canada's most adventurous eating destination.

The fact that Toronto is the most diverse city in North America and the third-largest tech hub is a huge draw to us. I can’t express how important it is that we’re able to attract quality startups so that we can grow the event. If we can’t attract startups to the conference, then the investors, the speakers and the general attendee won’t come. It's a very organic process and Toronto’s talent pool of engineers and entrepreneurs really stands out to us.

Ciarán Hope, senior vice-president, event operations, Web Summit/Collision